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““I know pretty much what I like and dislike; but please, don’t ask me who I am."

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it’s a known fact that i cannot stand taylor swift yet i’m fucking sitting here jamming out to shake it off and um yeah i hate myself now almost as much as i loathe her.


when the artist u hate releases a catchy song


i didn’t watch the vmas tonight because i fucking DESPISE taylor swift and miley cyrus, and seeing all these tumblr posts proves i made the right decision.

br00klynbear asked ;  
Why is this anon coming at you like you tried to assassinate T. Swift?

I know, like really! I have no idea.


Anonymous asked ;  
Seems to me you're just following the crowd. And you're 23. WOW.

lol! Seems to me you’re making assumptions about me when you don’t even know anything about me. Not that it’s any of your fucking business but I couldn’t stand Taylor Swift the second she became crazy famous years ago and started winning every award in every show and was EVERYWHERE, TV, ads, radio. I got sick of her fast. I am a diehard Carrie Underwood fan for those who don’t know, I was even part of her fan club and won a meet-and-greet with her in 2010. And to watch the perfect performer and artist that is Carrie lose out on fame and countless awards to a fake, childish girl with a mediocre voice appalled me to no end, and still does. Especially when Taylor beat Carrie out of VOCALIST awards, is that a fucking joke? If Taylor Swift stopped trying to play herself off as a victim, I’d like her more. Or if she stopped pretending she’s a country artist, which she stopped being three years ago.

Anonymous asked ;  
Ridiculous the amount of hate Taylor gets.

I’m assuming you’re talking about Taylor Swift? Sorry but


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Taylor Swift as Rapunzel for Disney Parks