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“My heart wants roots. My mind wants wings. I cannot bear their bickering."

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hes such a dork

i wanna sit on his dick

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"It’s pronounced like jif"

Yeah well I don’t gif a fuck

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hey can you please…”


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I would be a morning person, if morning happened around 1pm

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me: i love [favorite fictional character] so much
friend: ok
me: no you dont understand

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The night that Aladdin literally blocked my view of Aladdin.

So earlier tonight I went to Disney’s new musical Aladdin. It’s playing right now in Toronto before it makes its big debut on Broadway in New York City next year. The show was just minutes away from starting when the four empty seats in the row ahead of mine were finally taken by three men and a woman. I noticed one of them right away looked so much like DJ’s boyfriend Steve from Full House, who I knew was also the voice of Aladdin in the original Disney animated film. His name’s Scott Weinger. I immediately told my friend Andrew who I was there with, and so we kept trying our best to see his side profile, and to hear his voice as he talked to his friends before the show started, just so we could find a way to make sure that it was100% actually him. 

Anyway, at this point we are 95% sure it’s legit him. Doesn’t he sit literally directly in front of me, so throughout the entire show I had to move my head to the sides to see the stage/actors properly because his head was pretty much in my way. And the whole time I just kept thinking “If this is actually him, then I’m legitimately sitting right behind the voice of Aladdin at the Aladdin broadway show.” It was tripping me the fuck out, in the best way obviously lol. At intermission I had a chance to listen to him talk some more, and I watched him as he got up and left for a few minutes. I knew for sure now that it was him.

It wasn’t until the show ended though that I decided to face my nerves and just talk to him. You have to understand, growing up as a kid I was obsessed with Full House, and mildly in love with Steve (I’ve been gay since day one haha). Anyway, I told my friend I was just gonna do it, so I tapped Scott on the shoulder and said, "Sorry to bother you, but aren’t you the voice of Aladdin?". He smiled and said, "Yeah. Good eye!", then he put out his hand and we shook hands. I got shy so I didn’t say anything else until he asked me, "How did you like the show", and after we both said we enjoyed it, I couldn’t stop myself from saying, "I also just want to say that I really liked you as Steve on Full House". Well when I said that he blushed and got red/embarrassed and did this big smile and said “Thank you”. After that I just said it was really nice meeting him and then walked away. He walked behind me and my friend the whole way out of the theatre, and I noticed that no one else in the entire packed theatre knew about him or had any indication/idea that Aladdin was actually in the audience!

It was such an unexpected and cool experience, and the show itself was so good and so much fun! It was definitely a night that I’ll never forget.


*drinks vodka* *gags* “ugh I hate vodka” *drinks vodka*

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me exercising

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every year. 

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