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““I know pretty much what I like and dislike; but please, don’t ask me who I am."

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The Doctor & Amy Pond.
And the days that never came.

Anonymous asked ;  
What was your reaction to Matt Smith's cameo on the latest Doctor Who, considering that he was your favorite Doctor?

It was the greatest surprise! I was not expecting it at all, so to see him play the Doctor for just one more scene was so amazing. It broke my heart and warmed my heart at the same time. 


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Then why do you keep coming back for us? Because you were the first. The first face this face saw. And you’re seared onto my hearts, Amelia Pond. You always will be.


You look at me, and you can’t see me. Have you any idea what that’s like? Please, just see me.

okay wtf internet do you think this is a fucking joke?!


and i think we all know why twelve is scottish


Okay I am so pleasantly surprised at the premiere of Doctor Who. I was expecting to miss Matt (and Karen for that matter) way too much to fully allow myself to enjoy Twelve and another reboot of the show. I wasn’t sure how I was gonna feel about Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. I knew he’d do well, it’s just more about my own personal taste.

But after watching it I must say I loved that episode! The transition was done really well, especially having Clara be skeptical and weary of Twelve and his new face/demeanor. It was very realistic and true to character. As the episode progressed, I started loving the new dynamic between Clara and the Doctor; their banter was quite amusing. 

The “cameo” by Matt/Eleven was very unexpected, in the best way. It was so nice to see/hear him again, and it was the perfect way to have not only Clara accept and be there for the new Doctor, but for us fans as well. It felt very fitting, because most of us are all in the same boat as Clara. It’s natural for both her and us to be cautious and scared about Twelve and the new direction of the show, so to have Eleven give us a little inspirational push in Peter’s direction was quite nice, and actually pretty moving. I loved it.

On a side note: Everyone has their own Doctor (their favourite) and that being said, Eleven is definitely my Doctor, and Amy will forever be my favourite companion. I miss them both more than words can say. So I’m very grateful to Steven Moffat for throwing in a line about Amy, when Twelve said "it’s times like this that I miss Amy". It was a very quick, small mention but fuck did it pull at my heartstrings and make me smile. It just shows that even though the Doctor is “new” again, even though he’s hundreds of years older and going through a new phase of his life, he still thinks of Amy. His Amelia Pond. After all, she’s “seared onto his hearts, and always will be”. Ugh, the feels.

Also, my personal opinion is that Twelve has a Scottish accent because of Amy. Not to mention that at the end of the episode, he takes Clara home, but makes a mistake and accidentally brings her to Scotland instead. Peter’s delivery/acting when he apologized to Clara and said that he brought her to Glasgow instead was very telling. I definitely think it’s because he was thinking of Amy (who’s originally from Scotland, obviously). Even when Clara said to him, "Ah, you’ll fit right in… Scottish…" the look he had on his face is subtle but it’s there. Amy’s still with him. 

But yeah, anyway, all-in-all I’m happy to say that I’m very excited to continue watching this great show, and can’t wait to watch more of Twelve and Clara together.

Welcome, Peter Capaldi!


I’m going in! I’m coming too. No! You’re Vincent Van Gogh. No.

amelia and her raggedy doctor

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