Lupita Nyong’o and Danai Gurira attend Marie Claire Celebrates May Cover Stars on April 8th, 2014 in West Hollywood, California.

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Shay Mitchell on kissing girls

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shameless challenge | [1/4] favorite female character(s) ► Veronica Fisher
 "Then lets fight."

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I am so in love with The Fosters. I started watching it last Friday and finished the first season just now. And now I’m going through a slight withdrawal and depression. I get so caught up in watching my supernatural or thriller shows like The Vampire Diaries and True Blood or Pretty Little Liars that I forget how much I enjoy watching shows based in reality, with real people and real problems.

I absolutely love the Moms Stef and Lena so much, and I’m a big fan of Callie and Mariana. Brandon’s cute, and I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a character like Jude on TV; a young 13 year old boy who’s possibly in love with his male best friend. The writers handle is so perfectly and so realistically. I wish I could have had a character like Jude to watch on TV when I was 13 (which was eleven years ago omg I’m getting old fml)

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1x01 // 5x17

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[THG version]

Used SamAlive's photos from his 'Through the Phone' collection. Please do not remove credit. — Marissol

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Lana Parrilla and Sean Maguire filming season finale of Once Upon a Time in Steveston.

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I have no regrets <3 

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