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whateversoutthere asked ;  
Hey! Sooooo I wanna start watching Dr. Who since I keep seeing all this lovely stuff about it on here but I don't get how it works. There's different Dr's right? Ahh help

First of all, I am in awe that somehow have influenced someone to start watching the show. I had been curious and secretly desperate to watch Doctor Who for years and when I finally gave it a shot I became obsessed and in love, and the fact that you might share the same kind of journey is very exciting to me!

Okay now the explaining is the hard part. It’s best to Google the series, either Wikipedia or Imdb might give you a clear picture, but I can try my best:

There technically are not different Doctors, just different actors. The Doctor is a timelord, a species of alien I guess you can say, from a distant planet that is now destroyed, and he’s the only one of his kind left. He travels in a time machine called the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) in hopes of crazy adventures and saving countless worlds and beings. Being a timelord though, part of his “species” is that every so often his body regenerates, or changes form, and he gets a new look. So the way Doctor Who works is that every few seasons/series, the character of the Doctor regenerates and a new actor comes in to play the same Doctor, just regenerated.

Do you get it?


PLEASE JUST WATCH IT lol, it’s amazing and depressing and perfect

  1. hello-on-a-loop said: Tumblr is the reason why I got into Doctor Who and now I worship this show! You did a really good job explaining. :)
  2. kingsimbas said: You just made me understand Dr Who. Thank you.
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